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Thor: Tales of Asgard (UV HD)

Thor: Tales of Asgard (UV HD)

4.70 USD

Cast: Matthew Wolf, Rick Gomez, Tara Strong, Alistair Abell

Long before he was worthy to wield the war hammer, Mjolnir, Thor, son of Odin, was an impetuous young prince of Asgard hungry to prove himself a worth warrior. To that end, he and his half-brother, Loki, stow away with the the Warriors Three to find the Sword of Surtur in Yodenheim. However, that quest would prove more challenging than the prince anticipated as grave perils and agonizing moral choices arise. Now, Thor must call upon far more than his strength to save his people from the consequences of both of his and his father's mistakes in an adventure that would help shape him as the great Avenger of a later time and world.

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